Mold Inspections

If you suspect mold exists in your home consult with Capital Home Inspections before getting talked into expensive remediation that you may or may not need . Discover why there is mold, how it got to be in your home and decide whether or not to do testing. If testing is recommended & requested, the report, details of the analysis and recommendations will be forwarded usually between 2-6 business days (depending on shipping) and the inspection report is yours to keep for your records. I am an independent Mold inspector/tester that has remediation experience but no longer remediates. Find out from an expert whether or not you require remediation or find out through clearance testing if the remediation has been completed satisfactorily.

I DO NOT REMEDIATE MOLD! Companies that inspect, test, remediate & perform clearance testing are in a direct conflict of interest and are likely looking out for their bottom line and not your best interest!

Please call us 306-520-3946 to obtain a quote or to retain our services. Thank-you for considering Capital Home Inspections

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